Anonymous: who's your favorite jojo?

"He fucked her to look better next to her!" "She looks like Harriett Tubman!"


That awkward moment when your best-girl-friend ships you with your best-guy-friend, and won’t stop screaming about how she NEEDS it to become canon…

An addiction, that each Zodiac is likely to have.


Sagittarius: Gambling
Aries: Caffeine
Gemini: Smoking
Pisces: Alcohol
Leo: Shopping
Aquarius: Video Games
Libra: (Sleeping) Pills
Scorpio: Internet Addiction
Virgo: Cleaning
Taurus: Eating
Capricorn: Working
Cancer: Addicted to another person 

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  • Patrick Stump: aludiguh cornflakes cock eaten pullet
  • Me: what
  • Patrick Stump: aloo dedguh sportsplex crocs kitten bullet
  • Me: excuse me
  • Google: a loaded god complex cock it and pull it
  • Me: oh